We understand your frustration with the traditional health care model. The conventional system is built for acute care and disease management. We take a different approach.


Stop masking your symptoms and struggling just to get through the day. Discover our proven system to reclaim your health and quality of life. 


Are you tired of relying on a broken and expensive health care system? Have you become concerned about taking an increasing number of medications? Do you worry about losing your ability to enjoy quality time spent with your family and friends? Are you looking for a health care team that you can trust? 

Our focus is on educating individuals and providing the tools you need to regain your health independence. We believe that your health is your most important asset and our aim is to be your trusted partner in protecting this asset. Our goal is to identify and remove the root cause of your symptoms and to direct you on a path to long-lasting, optimal health.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Learn About Our Practice

Watch our webinar to discover our approach, learn what we can accomplish together, and see how you can achieve lasting health and find the joy in life again.

Step 2: Wellness Evaluation

Meet with Dr. Layman for a one-on-one wellness evaluation and plan of action.

Step 3: Commit to Better Health

We will help you to execute your plan of action, guiding you to optimal health.

Our Mission:

To spread awareness within our community about the true causes of illness and to empower our practice members to take control and reclaim their health. It is our goal to provide the tools and education necessary for individuals to gain health independence and live their lives to the fullest, free from pain, illness, and doubt.

Our Vision:

A health care model that empowers our community to make optimal health a priority and a way of life; to shape the perspective of future generations regarding health and to make gentle, effective, self-responsible medicine the new normal.

How We are Different

Your outstanding experience is our priority. Your family, your work, and your life depend on your good health and we want to be your guide to getting there! Dr. Layman started her medical practice because she was frustrated by trying to operate within the constraints of the traditional medical system. There never seemed to be enough time or the right tools to assist her patients in regaining true control of their health. Dr. Layman believes that patients deserve more time, attention, and a path to independence. She was driven to develop a clinical model with patient education at the core and encourages her practice members to take control of their health and invest in it rather than passively allowing the health care system to dictate care.

Now we partner with you, our practice members, because only when you know what to do can you really regain your health, your youth, and your life. We want you to break free of the system, to become independent, and to feel your best so you can live out your greater purpose. 

Together we will achieve your vision for optimal health and our vision for a healthier, happier, more vibrant community.